clothing guide

The Right Shoes

In an earlier post, I mentioned that you really only need three types of shoes (at most) when you're travelling: sneakers, a dressier shoe and pair for the climate you're travelling to. I wanted to take some time to break down my recommendations in these categories further.

1. Casual, yet classy, these Bensimon sneakers are perfect for wearing on the plane or wandering the streets.

2. Heels that can be dressed up for a night out, or down if you want to add some glamour to a pair of cut-offs or jeans. (These are an additional 30% off the sale price at the moment.)

3. For warmer climates, as an alternative to awful rubber thong sandals, try this lovely pair from Joie. Whether you're at the beach or lazily perusing an open-air market, you'll look stylish and others will not be haunted by the thwack thwack of your every step.

4. For colder climates, my go-to is a solid pair of Blundstones. They're incredibly durable, have a great, outdoor-sy feel to them, and look good with jeans or tights.

5.If you're going somewhere rainy, like, say, Canada's maritime provinces (it's on my wishlist), you'll need a trusty pair of rainboots. These Wellies are foldable for packing, and they have that classic, rustic-yet-chic feel. The Queen wears them for crying out loud!

If you're really trying to pack light, I made do with just my Blundstones when I travelled to New York back in April 2011, and the Bensimon sneakers would be great in any mild climate (and would still look cute with a skirt).

So what about you? What shoes do you reach for when you travel? I'd love to hear from you!