Surviving A Winnipeg Winter: Beating the Winter Blues

So, we've reached February. It's the time of year when I'm so cold and tired of winter that I just want to stay in all the time, while I simultaneously want to run outside, rip off my parka and expose my flesh to the outdoor air again. It's also a time of year when it's easy to get down about the cold weather and limited hours of sunshine. So lately, I've been working hard at being mindful and appreciative of the little things. Here are some of my top tips for shaking off those nagging winter blues.

Shake up your routine
Seek out ways to revitalize the day-in, day-out duldrum. Instead of just commuting straight to and from work, stop off and spend a few minutes doing something you enjoy along the way. Pop by a department store and sample a fun lipstick, swing by your favourite bookstore and get lost in a book for twenty minutes, grab coffee and a croissant on your way home. Have them to stay. Look out the window while you sip and savour. Even fifteen minutes can make all the difference in your mood.

Go outside anyway
Bundle up and head out. Sunshine, even winter sunshine, will lift your spirits, and fresh air always feels good on the lungs, no matter how cold. Take a nice walk over your lunch break or after work to lift your spirits and absorb some natural vitamin D - even if it's only through the tiny eye slit between your scarf and your touque.

Get some exercise
Exercise is probably the healthiest and most reliable way to lift your mood. If all you want is to be warm, take a hot yoga class, swim laps around an indoor pool (and let the smell of chlorine fool you that it's summer), or work up a sweat at a quick spin class over your lunch break.

Take advantage of what your city has to offer
There have been a lot of great things going on in Winnipeg these days. Events like Big Fun, Toast and Hunni, and RAW: Almond remind me that there's still life outside of my Netflix cue. I'm also looking forward to Festival du Voyageur and the Goodwill Traders Post coming soon.

Appreciate the small wonders of winter
Pay attention to the crunch of snow under your feet, appreciate the way that stark winter light falls on buildings and adds a whole new dimension to your city, or enjoy some of these glorious sunsets we've been having. 

I'm curious, do you have any tips on getting through this last stretch of winter? Also, you can find more Winnipeg Winter Survival tips here. Including ideas on beauty, activity and transportation.