Surviving A Winnipeg Winter: Transportation Woes

When the sun is shining in the summer tine, Winnipeg is a pleasure to get around. Because I live in the Village, I can bus or walk pretty well anywhere in the city, and when necessary I can hop in my car to get somewhere a little more remote.

But then winter comes and things get just a bit more difficult. Depending on the weather, the bus can become frustratingly unreliable. Walking almost anywhere can only be undertaken with many layers and a measure of bravery. And my car, a dream to manoeuvre around the city in nice weather transforms into a rickety, squeaky, less-than-air-tight little clunker.

It seems like I've written this post purely to complain, but that's not the case. I'm genuinely curious about some better solutions. (Aside from springing for a fancy new car with remote start.) What are your experiences with getting around in the winter? Advice? Stories? Complaints? Tell me about it!