Day Tripping

People around Winnipeg have been packing their bags and heading for warmer climates these days and it's got me itching to travel. So to tide me over, I threw my camera in the car and drove down to Gimli with Rachel (a.k.a. winnipegskywatch) for a little day trip.

First we headed over to Flatland Coffee Roasters and chatted with owner Chad over cappuccinos made from locally roasted beans. Then we strolled over to H. P. Tergesen & Sons where we ran our fingers over wooly knits and browsed the Icelandic book selection. (Oh and that big, beautiful cash register? Still in use!) After a bit more shopping, we walked along the pier and snapped photos. We wrapped up the afternoon with greasy convenience-store pizza and a final drive around the town. It was a peaceful, fun and beautiful way to spend a day, and it definitely scratched that travel itch.