Little Morning Rituals

I'll admit it; I'm one of those morning-people freaks. Even on vacation, I'm up by 8, wandering the city streets in search of coffee and pastries. But as Winnipeg winter weather and sunlight (or lack thereof) began creeping up, getting out of bed in the morning was getter darker, colder and just plain unpleasant.

So, over the last month, I've been taking a cue from my morning vacation routine. Rather than hitting the snooze five times, rolling wearily out of bed to do some home "yoga" (a.k.a. sleeping in child's pose for twenty minutes on the floor) and groggily eating breakfast by the glow of my computer screen, I've instituted daily morning walks. Long ones.

I eat breakfast and get bundled to the hilt, then head out the door with Slim. I listen to podcasts like DNTO, This American Life, or Serial and wander the streets. Some mornings, I cap things off with an espresso at Little Sister. It's such a nice way to slip into the day.
 How about you? Love/hate mornings? What are your rituals?