Hibernation Mode

Things have taken a turn for the chilly around here, and it's only a matter of time before snow blankets the ground and temperatures plunge for the long haul.

Every winter I have this battle between my desire to stay in and avoid the cold and my sense of obligation to go out. But this winter, I've decided to embrace staying in, and to help it feel a bit more productive, I've come up with some hibernation projects.

1. Find out what the deal is with borscht. I never liked it as a kid, but I'm going to get a great recipe and try again.
2. Watch AFI's best 100 films. Like, all of them.
3. Learn to make some excellent cocktails. Then invite friends over to drink them.
4. Read books. A lot of books.
5. Successfully hold a handstand for longer than 0.000052 seconds.
6. Buy a brand new album and listen to it the whole way through and not do anything else. Except maybe lie on the floor. And consume alcohol.
7. Finally finish sewing patches on that damn blanket. (A project that's been sitting around partially done for about 2 years. Yeah, I'm the worst sometimes.)
8. Complete a puzzle.
9. Master a difficult baked good that I've tried and failed at before. Something that involves the use of a candy thermometer and/or yeast.
10. Make out :)

What about you? Any plans for the winter hunker down?