A Weekend to Unwind

This past weekend, I enjoyed some long overdue mom time with the Hamam and Yoga Package at The Fort Garry Hotel. I've been entranced by the luxurious old green monster ever since I moved to Winnipeg, and was excited for my first stay there. 

We kicked off our evening with some spine-twisting yoga detox at Yoga Public, one of the most upscale yoga facilities in the city. After grabbing dinner, we sipped at classic cocktails and listened to a mellow musical performance in the Palm Lounge. Finally, we returned to our suite to flop down and pass out on the massively comfortable beds.
The next morning, we went over to the Ten Spa for the self-administered Hamam Treatment. We began in a cozy heated room with tea and turkish delights, followed by a warm rinse and a salt scrub in the steam room. Next, we laid out on a heated marble slab, where bowls of cool water were poured over our legs and a cold compress and water bottle were at the ready. Then we sat on tiled benches to pour bowls of cold water over ourselves. Next we returned to the heated room to moisturize with a cool aloe vera and lemon grass gel and towel off. Finally, we unwound in one of the lounges with a drink of natural yogurt, spring water and sea salt.

I was blown away by the quality and beauty of Ten Spa. The byzantine tiling throughout the hamam rooms was completely gorgeous, and the entire experience was incredibly unique.
We capped off the weekend with the famous Fort Garry Hotel brunch. Again, I was impressed by the  quality and variety of the food offered. Overall, our stay was a memorable, luxurious and utterly relaxing. If you're feeling stressed or just like you want to get away, I'd highly recommend the entire experience.