Summer Coffees

The weather's officially taken a turn for the summery here in Winnipeg (although I know I'm cursing us with rain just by typing those words), and I've been updating my coffees to recognize the shift.

If you're looking for something beyond the usual iced latte, I'd recommend an affogato to you. Here's three reasons why you should run out and order one immediately:

1. You'll feel all fancy and sophisticated ordering it - don't the words affogato just roll off the tongue?
2. There's ICE CREAM in it
3. You get your caffeine kick and that creamy goodness in a chilled form
3. b) Did I mention the ice cream?!?

I particularly love MAKE's incarnation: rich, natural Cornwell Creme vanilla ice cream with a shot of 1936 Fernwood espresso. The slight bitterness of the expresso combined with the sweetness of the ice cream is divine.