Unless you're one of those people I'll never understand who "just doesn't like chocolate," you get excited about Ciao Winnipeg's yearly ChocolateFest. Your excitement may or may not reach my levels of salivating anticipation, but still, it's worth checking out.

This weekend, Chris and I swung by the Forks to admire the fountains, finger painting and cooking demonstrations all glorifying the patron saint of chocolate (something which if it doesn't exist, should). Then we popped in at Almond Tree for some decadent chocolate goodness. If you missed out on the event at the Forks, there's still plenty of time to stuff yourself until bursting. For the month of April, select restaurants across the city will be featuring recipes infused with the all-powerful cacao bean for 7$ across the board. You can check out Ciao's website for locations, or get yourself a copy of this month's magazine with chocolate recipes and more.