Shake Up Your Routine

I've still got a few weeks to go until Chicago, so while I plan that trip and salivate over the vacation photos of family and friends online, I've been attempting to shake things up a bit to appease my wanderer's heart.

Because I teach high school English, most weekends require a few hours marking at a coffee shop (preferably one without wifi). The caffeine gives me added focus and energy, being away from home makes me feel like I'm out and doing something, and the absence of Netflix, home tasks and internet eliminates unnecessary distractions. Typically, I do this marking at Little Sister Coffee Maker over a cappuccino, and perhaps a chocolate croissant if I'm feeling indulgent.

But last weekend, I decided to shake up my routine. Instead of walking down to Little Sister, I drove to Saint Boniface. First, I purchased pain au chocolat at Le Croissant (in addition to cranberry bread and french macarons for later in the weekend), a bakery I'd heard good things about and been dying to try. Then, I made my way over to Café Postal to do my marking. Somehow, even that small change in location made the marking more enjoyable and gave me the excitement that comes with trying new things and places. (The baked goods and delicious cappuccino didn't hurt either.)
So, the next time you have to complete a(n) [insert adjective here: arduous, dull, aggravating, routine?] task, try switching up your locale. Surprisingly, those little shifts can make a big difference.