Saint Paddy's Weekend

I'm not Irish, and honestly, I don't really participate in Saint Patrick's Day activities. But this year, we decided to mix it up. I kicked things off Friday evening with an indescribably delicious cupcake from Cakeology: chocolate Guinness cake, Irish Cream chocolate frosting and golden candies. I could go on for days about the flavour and dense, moist texture of this little beauty.

Then on Saturday, a work friend invited us down to the Saint Patrick's Parade. Chris and I culled our closets for all the green we could find, bundled up, and somehow we got roped into lugging a huge golden harp down the street :)

Afterwards, we wound down with drinks (Bailey's Irish Cream and milk for me, green beer for him) and friends at Shannon's Irish Pub. All in all, it was a fun way to spend an afternoon, and we were able to head out before things got too sloppy.