A Sweet Treat

One of my all-time favourite treats is a chocolate croissant (or pain au chocolat, if you want to sound fancy and French, which I always do). It's sweet, but not too sweet and absolute heaven when dipped into a frothy cappuccino.

When done right, a chocolate croissant is buttery and dense, yet somehow light and flaky all at once. Yes, I know some of those words are antonyms, but trust me. And to top off all that pastry perfection, just a dollop of rich, dark chocolate.

These are my picks for spots in Winnipeg that dole out this chocolate-y pastry goodness in all its glory.

Chocolate Zen Bakery on South Osborne (BONUS: a coffee and pain au chocolat special during select hours)

Tall Grass Prairie at the Forks or on Westminster (Little Sister Coffee Maker carries their goods as well)

Stella's Bakery on Sherbrook