Tourist Attractions: Worth it or Not?

Wearing my mother's clothes at The Colosseum
It's not hard to find articles about which tourist attractions are and are not a waste of your time. Sometimes a certain attraction may find its way onto both lists, depending on the authors out there.

Here's my two cents on the issue.

If you really feel like you won't have experienced ______________ (insert name of destination here) without seeing _____________ (insert name of tourist attraction here), do it. 

But, lower your expectations.

Seeing this attraction will likely cost more money than you think it should reasonably cost. It will probably be quite crowded, depending on the season and time of day, and you may only get a glimpse. Expect any pictures you take of said attraction to be filled with other people you don't know and perhaps never want to know (especially if they're of the annoying tourist variety). It will probably be smaller than you expected to to be. 

In fact, take your visualization of the moment you will see this thing and diminish it hugely in every way possible and you will likely have a more accurate idea of what the actual experience will be like.

If, knowing this, you still want to see _____________________, knock yourself out.

Sometimes, it's definitely worth it.