Surviving a Winnipeg Winter: Keeping Warm

Earlier this week, I posted tips on embracing the wintry cold, but let's face it, coming down to the end of January, those sub-zero temperatures and lack of daylight house can be downright depressing. This winter, I've taken on some new activities to help combat it.

Back in December, I joined a swim club. Even though I spend about 40 percent of my time in the pool spluttering and fighting my primal fear of drowning, after 90 odd minutes of laps, I feel refreshed and strong. Plus, the undeniable connection between swimming and summer allows me to fool myself, if only for a moment, that warmer temperatures are on the horizon.

As part of a New Years exercise kick, I signed up for a 21-day yoga challenge. I just finished on Monday. It was fun (and challenging) to shake up my routine by getting out there and doing yoga every single day. (Alright, I missed 2 classes because of the food poisoning, but still.) And if exercising in a 36 degree room doesn't make you feel warm, I don't know what will. 

Finally, I plan future trips. Chris and I have officially decided that we'll be road tripping out to Chicago over spring break, and while it's not exactly tropical, having something like that to look forward to and plan for helps take my mind off of the cold weather.

Keep cozy and those spirits up, my friends. We'll make it through this yet. 

What you do to keep warm through the winter?