Surviving a Winnipeg Winter: The Activity Edition

Last week, I posted about how to get your skin through the prolonged polar vortex known as winter here in Winnipeg, and this week I want to talk about how to get through the cold weather, mountains of snow and shortened daylight without resorting to murdering your loved ones in a cabin-fever rage.

When it comes to doing things around the city in the winter, my strategy is equal parts embrace and deny the cold. I'll tell you how to trick your brain into believing it's warm later this week, but first some suggestions for embracing the cold.
*Strap on skates, cross country skis or winter-proof boots and follow the river trail to visit the yearly expanding collection of warming huts at the Forks.
*Gather together a group of friends and go for a sleigh ride (spiked coffee in thermoses strongly encouraged)
*Admire snow sculptures while enjoying (admittedly overpriced) maple syrup snow candy at the Festival du Voyaguer
*Stop for cider and snacks at The Port on your winter bike to work February 14th
*Grab your kids or borrow someone else's and build a snow fort in your local park
*Follow up every wintry outing with a well-deserved cup of hot chocolate
Any other suggestions? I welcome your input!

(All photos taken by my dear friend Lindsey in and around The Forks)