A New Idea on Bringing the Spirit of Travel Home

I toyed with the thought of titling this post "Walk This Way," but 1. I hate (nearly all) Aerosmith songs, 2. Steven Tyler freaks me out, and 3. I think that would be just a little toooo lame. But, I'm getting off topic here.

Whenever I'm travelling, I walk. Constantly. I walk to get from one place to another, I walk when I make mistakes with public transit and end up a wee bit lost, but most of all, I walk just to clear my head and explore an unfamiliar place in closer detail.

But when I'm at home, the walking sometimes falls by the wayside. Just last weekend I could have walked a kilometre to meet a friend, but I chickened out and drove instead. To be fair, the temperature was in the -50 degrees celsius range (a.k.a. so cold it seems like we can't still be on planet Earth), but still, a tougher, less lazy version of me would have done it anyway.

So that's a New Year's Resolution of mine. It's a little late, I know, but honestly, I make weird little goals for myself all the time. New Year's is just an excuse to throw a few extra ones in there and make a more official list. Anyway, at least once a week I will take a long walk and just explore: the way I do when I'm on vacation. This time of year that will mean lame, noisy snow pants and the tiniest eye slit between my toque and scarf imaginable, but I'm going to do it anyway. Maybe I'll load some new podcasts onto my phone to pass the time.
Any suggestions?