Travel Fantasy 2: Iceland

I've been pining for Iceland for about a year now. I blame this on Mr and Mrs Globe Trot (who gave me permission to post their breath-taking photos here), along with a handful of other blogs that feature amazing photography from Iceland.

My friend Lindsey and I have discussed renting an eccentric little van from this amazing place and driving around for a few weeks with not much more than a backpack, cookstove, camera and a sturdy windbreaker. 

I'd love to spend some time in Reykjavik, get out on the open road, explore ice caves, swim around the Blue Lagoon, slurp up thick stews and eat freshly caught fish, find hidden mineral pools and generally just harness my inner outdoors-woman all with camera in tow.

It may take some time (and let's face it, a fair bit of cash), but this one's definitely on my bucket list.

You can find my other travel fantasies here, and there are more to come.
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