My Picks for Photography Apps

I love Instagram for a couple of reasons. It's a great way to document trips, find travel inspiration, share vacation photos with loved ones and impress complete strangers with how cool and interesting you are. Like, "Ooh, look how many cappuccinos I can photograph in pretty light with a fun manicure." Guilty.

But in all seriousness, Instagram is a fun tool, and lately I've been working on stepping up my photography and editing game. These are my favourite apps to help with that so far.

The biggest reason I love this app is the ability to crop photos into different sizes and shapes from the standard Instagram square. It's a great tool for wider or taller shots, and you can also make your pictures into circles, ovals, stars, addition signs, even anchors. Seriously, not sure what you'd use that last one for, but someone could make it cool. The filters are also a lot more subtle than the Instagram options.
I've just started playing around with this one, but I'm a big fan already. The quality of the images is gorgeous and there are a lot of interesting editing tools to play around with. You can also use your fingers to manipulate focus before you even take the photo. Again, subtler filters for a more professional look.
This is my go-to for photo collages. I usually like to keep it pretty simple: white borders, squared corners and two or three photos that just belong together.
This is another photo app that's new to my phone. I've only just started to see what kind of features it has to offer, but so far, I'm a fan. I like that you can see filters in a side-by-side array so it's easier to compare them. The picture-taking options are also great. You can use a timer or take photos in a burst for fast action shots.

Those are a few of my favourites. What about you? Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below.

All these shots are taken from my Instagram feed. You can follow me @fullbellywornsoles.
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