A Weekend to Myself

I've written a fair bit lately on the topic of solo travel, but last weekend, when Chris opted to visit family and friends in the country, I enjoyed a solo stay-cation.

And don't get me wrong, Chris is my favourite person to hang out, travel and pretty much do anything with, but sometimes it's a thrill to do precisely what I want to do for a few days. You know, the kinds of kooky things I did when I first moved to Winnipeg, lived on my own and explored my identity as an individual.

It was a weekend of Risky Business-inspired dance parties and sleeping in the middle of the bed and drinking cider while watching documentaries and baking and wandering The Exchange and watching old Michael Jackson music videos and fire-building and catching up with old friends over coffees. When Sunday evening came, I was glad to hang out with Chris again and give Slim a scratch behind the ear, but man, did I have fun on my own too.

What about you? Would you ever consider a solo stay-cation? Do you enjoy time to yourself?

A few of these photos are from my Instagram feed. You can follow me @fullbellywornsoles.
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