White Night, Cool Art

Despite my best intentions, sometimes I struggle to get out there and take advantage of events going on in Winnipeg. I always kick myself for it afterward. But something I've been working on (for me and for the blog) is getting out there more even on nights when I kinda feel like spending three hours watching TV with candy drool running down my chin.

So a few weeks back, I finally attended Nuit Blanche with my dear friend Lindsey. And it. was. awesome. Amazing light displays, cool sculpture and sound pieces, live music, poutine topped with perogies and bacon, DJs and a late night cappuccino. It was a pretty fun way to spend a Saturday night.

And don't get me wrong, I fully intend to get veg out in front of Netflix on a semi-regular basis, but it's good to mix it up. That way when people start complaining about how there's "never anything to do around here" I can shut them right up with my list of awesome activities. Actually, that would probably be pretty annoying. But look at the pictures of the cool things I saw!

Just as a quick note, I'll be enjoying (Canadian) Thanksgiving this long weekend, so you can expect my usual Monday post on Tuesday instead. After that, posting will return to the usual Monday, Friday schedule. Have a lovely weekend! 

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