Travel Alone Without Feeling Lonely

I love travelling solo; it's exhilarating and a great way to try new things, but from time to time, it can get lonely. Here are a few tips on how to avoid that feeling.

Take a Class
Whether you're away for a few months or a few days, a class can be a great way to socialize. Cooking or yoga are great options. If you're travelling in a country where the language is foreign to you, this can also be an opportunity to take some language lessons. You'll be able to interact with people and acquire a useful skill. Some places even offer a free first class, just ask.

Spend Some Alone Time in a Public Place
Eat a sandwich in a busy park, read a newspaper at a coffee shop, people watch at busy tourist attractions. Sometimes all it takes to lift that feeling of loneliness is noticing the people around you.

Sit at the Bar 
If it's an option, ask to be seated at the bar or a communal table when eating out. At the very least, you can make conversation with the bartender, and likely a few other solo diners. Although it's tempting to put up the smart phone wall, resist the urge. Bonus, getting a seat at the bar is often a lot quicker than waiting around for a table.

Any other useful tips? Feel free to comment below.

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