How to Eat at the Best Restaurants in Your Travels

I don't eat at restaurants often, so when I do, I want it to be worth my while. This feeling is heightened when I'm travelling. Sure we all scarf down the odd heat-lamp-warmed, microwaved egg sandwich from time to time (and by we, I mean I), but in my travels, I try to eat delicious food as often as I can.

Here are two approaches to doing just that.

Research at Home
Prepare before you leave by asking friends, scouring your favourite blogs for recommendations and reading reviews published by sources you trust. When in doubt, Google "best restaurants in ____________" and see what comes up. 

Depending on the popularity of the restaurant, make a reservation before you leave (many now let you do this through their website), or ask your hotel concierge to reserve for you. 

Seek out spots at different price points - a convenient spot to grab a cheap and quick bite, a great brunch place, a splurgy dinner joint - so that you have a few options when you're on the go.

Discover New Places When You're Out
I've found some of my favourite spots while I'm already on the trip. If a restaurant catches your eye and actual humans with taste appear to be eating and drinking at it, gamble; you may discover something great. 

A more reliable method is this, when you're at a restaurant/bar/whathaveyou that you enjoy and you get a good rapport going with the server, bartender, barista, ask them for their recommendations. I ate some of the most delicious and unique pizza of my life off a recommendation from a Vancouver bartender

The above photo is from a recent visit to Deseo; full review to follow Monday.

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