Weekly September Challenge

September always feels like the start of the year to me. Maybe it's the fact that I'm a teacher, maybe it's a leftover from all my years of schooling, or maybe it has something to do with the shift in the seasons. But for me, it's a chance for self-improvement. Summer's generally a time of excess - food, travel, spending - and September is the reality check: an opportunity to make some changes and start fresh.

So I thought I'd set up a few challenges for the month of September - sort of like a New Year's resolution. And since I'll be working a lot and the vacation wallet's a bit on the light side after my summer adventures, I want to focus on local exploration. 

Each Monday, I'll start with a new challenge that gets me out there exploring Winnipeg. On Fridays, I'll post the results and you can follow my progress on Instagram (@fullbellywornsoles) and Twitter (@fbellywornsoles). And if you're up for it, you can join in too. Part of the goal of this blog is to get readers thinking about what they can do in their own hometowns to keep the spirit of travel alive and I hope this challenge will do just that.

If you have Twitter or Instagram and plan on joining in, please comment with your handle below so I can share in the fun. Include the hashtag #FBWSweeklychallenge in your updates. If you don't have Twitter or Instagram, feel free to let me know how it's going in the comments section of each post. We'll start fresh each week, so don't feel discouraged if you fall behind one week. You can still get back at it. There will be four challenges in total.

The first challenge is Get Back to Nature. Interpret that the way you want - spend time in your garden, read in the park, explore the green spaces in your hometown. I'll do the same. 

I hope you join in and don't forget to comment and follow along!