Taking Photos (with you in them) on a Solo Journey

Travelling solo is something I really enjoy, but one annoying little difficulty is getting pictures of the sights with you in them. Endless photos of buildings and landscape can get a little ho-hum; it's nice to throw in a human element to catch the eye. And if you're the human, well that's even better. So here are some of my top tips for taking photos that you're actually in (no fancy camera necessary).
Take the Upshot
My variation on the extend-a-arm, this photo is easiest to take with a smart phone. Make sure the camera is flipped to the screen side, do some adjusting to find the best view, then nose your way into the shot and click. To avoid a double chin or just a weird, stretched out chin-only shot, be sure to look straight ahead.
Put Your Feet in There
Show off sweet street art, subway grates, cobblestone streets or interesting shadows with your feet in the mix. Bonus points for awesome shoes.
Get Creative with Your Reflection
Mirrors aren't the only opportunity for selfies. Use windowed buildings, water or shadows to get your image in the shot. 
Finally, Just Ask
If you really want a picture, particularly at a popular tourist spot, just ask someone. I've always found people to be obliging. If it's the middle of the day in a crowded area, you don't have to worry too much about who you ask, but if it's less crowded or later in the day I generally ask another woman or someone with a family. This may be a bit paranoid on my part, but safety is especially important when travelling solo.

Any other suggestions for solo travel photos? I love hearing from you!
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