Eating Out

For the fourth and final week of my September Weekly Challenge, I made an effort to eat out more. This challenge was great because it motivated me to finally visit places I've been curious about for ages but had never gotten around to trying for one reason or another.

Over the weekend I met a friend for a late breakfast at Joanna's Cafe in the Marlborough Hotel. The place features beautiful architecture and history, and I've have been wanting to visit ever since I glimpsed it during Doors Open Winnipeg back in May. On Monday, I popped by Gunn's Bakery on Selkirk. It's in a rougher area of the city, but I love a hidden gem and I'd heard a number of positive things about the place. The portions are generous, tasty and cheap, so I'll definitely be stopping by again. Then on Wednesday I finally got around to trying The Underground Cafe's famous Sun Burger: a delicious veggie burger that's been on my "to eat" list for upwards of three years. And the murals covering the walls of this place? Amazing. Pictures don't do it justice; check it out for yourself. I grabbed a lovely cappuccino at Little Sister Coffee Maker a few times this week and I'll also be enjoying brunch with friends this weekend at the picturesque Qualico Family Centre and Park Cafe in Assiniboine Park.

Mostly because of budget concerns, I opted not to eat out for any dinners this week. However, I know that Winnipeg has many more great restaurants and look forward to eating at and blogging about more of them in the future.

This is the very last post of my September Weekly Challenge. Thank you to everyone who followed along and/or participated in it. I feel the challenge really helped me to explore my wonderful city and appreciate it that much more. You can look forward to a return to regular posting on travel topics every Monday and Friday after today.