The One-Sentence Travel Journal

Gone are the days where I'll spend hours writing furiously in my journal about the mundane details of my teenage life. It's fun (and pretty embarrassing) to read my old angsty scribbles, but I just can't make daily journaling a priority anymore. Still, it's nice to be able to look back on a trip and get a tiny glimpse into what it was actually like, rather than the romanticized version created by my back-at-work memory. 

So, back in June I bought this teensy notebook and started a one-sentence(ish) travel journal. The time commitment's minuscule, and already I look back at the pages and go "Oh yeah, I forgot about that." It's also a nice place to keep little mementos like tickets from a show or my New York Metro card. I'm already glad I started the journal this summer, and look forward to filling it with the adventures and mishaps that come with travel