Detox, Retox

At home, I do my best to live a balanced lifestyle. I eat well (most of the time) and exercise a few times a week. But on vacation, my good habits tend to fall by the wayside a bit. And in the short term, that's okay. I don't consider it a good vacation if I don't come back a pound or two heavier ;)

At the same time, after days of rich, heavy food, alcohol and daily desserts, I start to feel a little sluggish. So generally, I try to balance out all that indulgence with some healthy options. I jokingly refer to this practice as "Detox, Retox." So, based on my recent trip Vancouver, here are some suggestions for indulgence and balance.
Savour gelato from Granville Island Public market while looking out over the water toward downtown Vancouver

Enjoy perfectly balanced cocktails at West Restaurant 

Sample from decadent chocolates at Thomas Haas 

Bite into the perfect crust and some unusual toppings (like pistachio) at Pizzeria Farina in Vancouver 
Stuff yourself with vegetable-heavy dishes any time of day at The Naam Restaurant or grab a vegetarian rice wrap at the food court in Granville Island Public Market

Take a free introductory yoga class (mat and towel included) at Y Yoga Studio 

Go for a swim in the English Bay 

Jog, bike or walk around The Seawall 

And if you're feeling adventurous, head over to Grouse Mountain and challenge yourself to The Grouse Grind. Wear good shoes and if you're a less experienced hiker, give yourself two hours to get up the mountain and take the gondola back down.

Finally, walk. Take your time, explore the streets and get a real feel for the place. And in the end, don't worry about indulging. Good food and drink are some of life's greatest pleasures; they're there to be enjoyed (in moderation) :)