Cycling Beauty

Last week I posted about exploring a new city on a bicycle and the city cycling etiquette that goes along with it. This week I wanted to follow that up with a post on a beauty routine for cycling. In the photos my friend Lindsey took for the post I looked like this:

But when I'm cycling I typically look a little more like this:

And yes, I'm aware I'm a huge dork :) When I'm on a bike I generally don't concern myself too much with my appearance. But afterwards, I need to be able to transition into a look that doesn't scream "I just got off a bicycle and I'm really sweaty." Here's how to do that.

Putting on make up just to get on a bike is pretty pointless. Slap on some sunscreen for the ride and afterwards, splash your face with a bit of cool water. From there, follow up with your usual make up routine. Rock your bare-faced confidence, cake it on, do what you gotta do. I prefer to keep it light: tinted sunscreen, cheek stain, a swipe of mascara and lip balm. Don't have access to a mirror when you arrive and can't bear to go makeup-free? Waterproof mascara and cheek stain should stay in place while you're on the bike.

If your hair's long enough, pull it back into a french braid underneath your bike helmet. Afterwards, undo the braid for some mermaid waves. For short hair, wear a bandana underneath your helmet to keep things contained. Whether your hair's short or long, use baby powder or dry shampoo to perk up sweaty roots post-cycle.

Other than that, throw some deodorant in your bag and you should be fine: maybe a change of clothes depending on the situation.