The Day Date

As I near the end of my twenties, one thing I've really grown to appreciate is the day date. In my early twenties I put so much emphasis on those supposedly legendary weekend nights that often came up short. But now, when I see a friend or go out with Chris on a Saturday afternoon, I'm free from the pressures (and crowds) of a Saturday night. I can bask in the sunshine, enjoy long conversations and then go home and veg out in front of Netflix guilt free, because I've already done something. Of course I still go out from time to time on a weekend evening, but I no longer feel that sense of "this has to be awesome" hovering over my head. It's so wonderfully freeing.
So a few weeks back, I met up with my friend Sarah on a Saturday afternoon. We got our nails done at Yiyi Spa, wandered around Winnipeg's French Quarter, and stopped for cappuccino and tea at Café Postal. By pampering ourselves and exploring a different part of the city, we were able to enjoy a (very) mini getaway, right in our hometown.