One Week Packing Guide

Chris and I leave for New York tomorrow! Woot woot!

I'll be away for a week, but posts will continue (Mondays and Fridays) while I'm gone. I'll be a slow to reply to email, Twitter, or comments, but otherwise, everything will be up and running as usual. I've got so many fun posts planned in the coming weeks!

Since I'm currently in a mad dash to get everything packed and ready, I thought today would be the perfect day to share my personal guide to packing for a one week trip. As I've posted about before, I avoid checking bags at all costs, so here's what I pack in my carry on for a one week trip.

pictured, but not packed
- 1 irresistibly adorable dog :)

- 2 pairs shorts (1 denim cutoffs, 1 printed cotton)
- 1 pair linen-silk blend capris
- 2 skirts (1 printed, 1 denim)
- cotton sundress
- 1 pair boyfriend jeans
- 3 t-shirts (all plain, solid colours)
- vintage sweatshirt
- chambray shirt in light wash
- black silk button up
- sports bra
- gym shorts
- gym t-shirt
- oversized tee for sleeping
- 3 pairs socks
- 7 pairs underwear - all stuffed inside my water bottle
- nude bra
- brown leather waist belt
- brown leather regular belt
- water bottle
- reading material
- hair brush

inside my cosmetics bag
- sunscreen
- tinted facial sunscreen
- face wash
- toothbrush
- travel-sized toothpaste
- mascara
- cheek stain
- eyeliner
- lip balm
- moisturizer
- facial serum
- eye cream
- travel sized shampoo & conditioner

not pictured - in a smaller carry-on bag
- wallet
- camera
- extra film
- hiking boots
- additional reading material

This may not seem like a lot for a one week trip, but I find it works well. Here are a few tips on how to get the best use out of your limited wardrobe:

1. Restrict your colour palette. This one is particularly easy for me, because I mostly wear black, grey and blue. All of these colours can easily be mixed and matched. For a pop of colour, I'll throw in a hit of red, or in the case of the printed skirt, pink.

2. Pick lightweight clothing in natural fabrics that can be layered or scaled back. I'm incredibly picky when it comes to fabrics. If it's not cotton, silk, linen (or wool in cooler months) I usually don't buy it. All these fabrics breathe well, so they're cool in warm weather, but can also be layered for added warmth.

3. Make you airport outfit part of your packing strategy. My go-to airport outfit is a pair of opaque black tights, a cami, a chambray shirt, and my Converse sneakers (I add a wool-blend cardigan in the winter). Every one of these items can be mixed in with the clothes I've already packed to provide me with additional outfit options. 

4. Leave room for new purchases. When I pack, I always keep in mind that I'll be shopping on the trip. I make sure to leave room for these items, and I'll often add new purchases into the outfit rotation during my trip.

Using these strategies, even though I wear each item multiple times, the outfit is never the same. Do you have anything to add to my list? What are your packing secrets?