Finding Facilities in the City

Remember George's obsession with toilets?

I'll admit it, I've madly searched for a washroom in an unfamiliar city more than once. And although I don't have anything as finely-tuned as George's system, I do have some tips for finding a washroom you're actually allowed to use.

Starbucks - or really, any large chain (McDonald's, et cetera). These either make enough money that no one cares if you use the washroom as a non-paying customer, or are generally staffed with so many frantic young people that no one notices. Either way, you don't need to ask for a key and you can slip in and out unquestioned. Plus, they're everywhere.

Any kind of plaza with a food court. Where there's food, there's generally a toilet. And the food court is open enough that you don't actually need to buy any of the food in order to use it.

And finally, lie. If you're stuck for a spot to go, find a place - restaurant, cafe, or once for me, a yoga studio - and try this line: "I was here earlier and I think I left my (insert object of your choice here) behind in the washroom. Do you mind if I check?"

What about you? Do you have any funny stories about or tips or tricks for finding the facilities in a strange city?