Sipping Cappuccino at Parlour

    At home and in my travels I'm always on the lookout for three things in the food and beverages category: a perfect cappuccino, a sinfully rich baked good and a beautifully crafted cocktail. Parlour Coffee fits the bill in the first category.

Among the first of the independently owned, high-end coffee bar trend in Winnipeg, Parlour balances beautiful decor with quality products. The owner, Nils Vik, has a background in architecture and it shows. The decor is minimalist, but with high-grade materials and unique elements like the cast iron chandelier (pictured below) the space really sets itself apart. 

The standard they set for their roasts is incredibly high. Ask your barista and they can not only tell you who the farmer is, but the day the beans for your particular cup were roasted. Although you won't find the same selection here as you would at big chains like Starbucks, you can taste the difference in quality the moment the liquid hits your lips. At 3.50$ for a cappuccino, their drinks are also reasonably priced.
Parlour also carries an array of beans and coffee equipment for your home brewing needs. They stock brands such as 49th Parallel, Bows & Arrows and Phil & Sebastian along with beautifully made french presses, thermoses, and more.

So the next time you have a chance, make your way over to the exchange district and get yourself an individually ground and brewed cup of your own. Or in the fall, visit their new location in Osborne Village (right near my place, yay!), Little Sister Coffee Maker.

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