Let's Go to the Movies

When planning for a trip, some people are drawn to beaches, some to museums, architecture, or natural wonders. Or, if you're big movie and television buffs, like my partner and I, you start hunting for set locations.

These locations are pretty easy to find; just search up the name of the city you're traveling to and the words "movie locations" and you're on your way. It's really cool to bring your favourite movies or television shows to life in this way, and it makes for some fun, nerdy fan photos.

Here are a few from my travels with my partner, Chris:

The house on Archer Avenue from The Royal Tenenbaums.

Chris trying out his best Alec Baldwin impression (New York, New York 2011)

Tina Fey at NBC in 30 Rock

Me in front of the 30 Rock exterior from title sequence (New York, New York 2011)

John Cusack in High Fidelity 

Chris in front the the record store exterior in Bucktown (Chicago, Illinios 2012)

And me behind The Biograph, which Cusack walks out of while narrating (Chicago, Illinois 2012)

Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone (which, I confess, I didn't see until I was an adult)

My best imitation in front of the house (Chicago, Illinois 2012)

If you love television and movies, this can be a fun way to approach visiting a city - with museums, architecture, natural wonders and plenty of eating mixed in, of course ;)